17 feb. 2013

First Sunday of Lent

Thinking aloud.
During these last days has called my attention the Universal Church, also settled in Uruguay. Buying apparently filled cinemas multitudinously. I've heard how they exercise their ministry. In shared nothing for me.
Call people to live from the miracle. And I say: You who have been on medication for many years, you've seen doctors and been through all sides, including the Catholic Church, you could not heal your diseases, come on Friday and touch the sacred mantle.
Besides how dangerous it is to put in the minds of people all suffering they experience physical, psychological or emotional is rooted in the "Bad" and the touch of the mantle of miracles, let pills, renew your life, brings Live with it the removal of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is moving and not just in the making, sorely needed, but even more so within. Move within is perhaps the most difficult thing is God, and that our will will close over and over doors.
False prophets will come. Word of the Lord. And these false prophets converted to Christ and the Holy Spirit in a box of miracles. Milagros referring to achieve whatever the person imagines: material goods, health, family or whatever. Unaware that their credulity, as before in mine also, there is a component of deep selfishness and lack of deep faith.
Besides not prove with medical evidence before and after his alleged miracles and people have only saying all exactly the same, paralyze the action of the Holy Spirit because it become a merchant. These false prophets are merchants of the spirit, feed the need of people, abuse their good faith.
Life certainly is not the panacea we want to be. But the question is: why not? Our body by its nature is called to go through even more cruel disease and the worse is our life, what we add to it or subtract from it. What we do with the environment that surrounds us and that is what we have to hold their food, with their water.
The suffering of Christ is a sign for our lives, who wants to escape from his cross, lose life. To love God is to accept that suffering we travel. Not because God will send them, the loves, the do not send or suffering, or punishment that comes in ourselves or in others. It is we, who live according to what we reap. We. We assume that the evil that these new churches (spiritual merchants) promote outward there. It is within everyone, in every action or way we decided to take or leave.
We entered the First Sunday of Lent and the Gospel invites us to review the reading times of the Temptation of Christ.
We can see how well these temptations are among us and we are part. The world today offers: Stop Suffering, Come and touch the mantle of miracles and magically reach your life everything you want. Live your sexuality without love or love without full responsibility and then abort the unwanted child. Gay love live and multiply all sorts of lies. This gives us the world.
Then when I help the Holy Spirit working in us we managed to escape, emerging spirit merchants who say the God of the Catholics is junk, come to my tent, my sanctuary, no need of sacraments, only reach yourself. The prophets of the man who has the image of his own navel. Enough that you put a target command and I am happy to do so. False. Again looking within ourselves the easy way to travel the world, but longer to know God.
Concluding finished trying to bargain with God: Lord I promise ..... if you give me in return .... The man tempting God to manifest in his possession, but not in the power of His immeasurable love and permanent, but in the small power with which we intend to make God a little god. The little god we have built within.
Christ tells us:Not by bread alone does man live. God is inviting us to join his table, a table that satisfies all hunger and thirst, which satiates and makes life in our spirit abound.
Love the Lord your God, and him only worship them. Look carefully at the false prophets promising life here, you kill the full life that is guaranteed only in God. In the True God. Look carefully and see how far the world God loves you with his deceptions catch.
Do not put the Lord, your God. With God there is negotiated. Not a merchant, or offered for sale. Your life will resignificará sense and everything in it when you get up just put your life in their hands. Learning to walk every day, as Jesus did. If we make space in our hearts and in the everyday of today, you can right the wrong way you've transformed your life. Because he does not leave room for Him Tientas God when you lower the vile trade. Tientas God when you do not trust your faith and let their hands every day. Tientas God when you turn your face and your heart to the spirit merchants relying more on a piece of cloth, that in the living body of Christ in the sacrament of Ostia during Communion.
God invites us to reflect on tough times as were his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ lived on earth. We will be today's merchants yesterday, today we Pharisees yesterday. We will now doctors yesterday. Or will we be the one who climbed the tree because it was so small I could not see him, but his faith was so great that he reached with him. We will be the blind man who cried at the doors of the synagogue and nobody listened, but Crito itself, and seeing their faith was saved and recovered his sight. We will be the one who willing to give up everything, sold everything and went after him.
Time for reflection. Probation. Time definitions.

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