19 mar. 2013


Pope Shoes Franciso

March 19, 2013

Today Our Father and Lord, you get up from the middle of town and the humblest in which you put in the chair of Peter, Francis, Pope, now more than ever since the Petrine ministry, you, you in the poorest, are you among those who suffer most; You among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged; You among all creation.

Today on the feast of St. Joseph, you become your church living Church, in Church filled with your Holy Spirit that is poured over all, for all and in all, with love and tenderness.

In the shoes of Pope Francisco, your shoes Lord has not given way to return it without stepping on to life, to call all to share in your body and meet the souls of all that you need.

I remember, I was reminded of the biblical passage where John the Baptist preached in the wilderness and raised his voice announcing your arrival, the coming of God to earth. Today I feel like this is getting to meet. Many disown without understanding and judging only with their heads still open to your Holy Spirit, Benedict XVI, however, is that ultimately the ministry that you have given. Just as John the Baptist, whose ministry announcement came a relatively short period, but the advertising said: Repent. So Benedict XVI leaves the door of a church exposed the world where the necessary conversion.

And with time comes Francisco mercy, love, tenderness, doing without ostentation, walking the paths of those who suffer, are prisoners of conscience, of the living dead, the submerged, exploited and enslaved, the love for creation, to your nature which also your love shines in each of the creatures that form. Today along with the sky opening showing sunlight in Francisco, do you step in your light, be light for the world.

Francisco shoes and elected successor of Peter, the whole meaning of his ministry, service, delivery, docility, strength to the thrusts of darkness, serenity without ostentation, your love to every human creature that since he is again made manifest. Francis Pope of the poor. Francis Pope of Charity. Francis Pope of the Way as originally called your first disciples.

VIVA Triune God
YOUR VIVA Mother Mary

Abba Blessed and Praised be our Lord and God has given the world for your love in abundance and the open heart of all the hope that reign in us for others.

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