19 mar. 2013

Francisco: Pope of Light

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Francisco: Pope of light

The church was dying in painful agony. Sick because of darkness, the light of Christ. I mean the Church institution and many of its members: clergy and faithful. Slowly dying and nothing seemed to stop that process. Corruption, pedophilia, omnipotence, idolatry, and many evils that afflict the institution and the man. The church was dying.

In the midst of Lent, in the year 2013, the highest authority in front of it, which should lead the church until his death as usual except on rare occasions, launches the world his resignation. Pope Benedict XVI announces resigned.

Many took this as a lack resignation puts almost before the excommunication. How a pope resign? And how dare you say that you do resign because he failed the physical and the spiritual? Osama? Tell the world and the Catholic world was resigning for lack of spiritual strength? How, spiritual force is given by the Holy Spirit? How then left saying that lack of spiritual forces, resigned? Woe to those who feel so and accuse him. None have understood in his heart and reason.

Benedict XVI leads us to live a Lent brings us back to the experience of the emergence of the church. At the time John the Baptist, announced in the desert that humanity should become, out of their misery, leaving behind their aberrations, their lies, their sins and become. Becoming God because he approached the men, one, whom he did not come even to his sandals.

Benedict XVI warned in his resignation a church that dies if not opened to the light of Christ, if not again become. Failure to do girl, virgin. Complaint with his attitude to his 86 years of his physical strength, health and spiritual strength diminished but full of the Holy Spirit are no longer sufficient for that church relive dying faith.

And his immense love for Christ and the church, the faithful and to the world, his resignation will allow the Holy Spirit to revive it: faith. Experiment and live Christ, transmit his infinite love and mercy.

The beam falling on the St. Peter's Basilica on the day of the
Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
? Announced that the word of God had spoken on the lips of Benedict XVI?


Black smoke out of the chimney in the Sistine Chapel and a few seconds after the white smoke that announced to the world:
We Have a Pope

And a seagull that was installed during the first vote on the same day on the same chimney. Motionless for some time, and reappears when the white smoke hovers announces that God gave the world to your server in the New Pope, Francisco.

As signs of the Holy Spirit, the dark black smoke coming out before the white and leading to confusion announces that God always wins and brings the light of God.

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