29 mar. 2013

FRIDAY: Prayer for the creation and animals

Good Friday

Prayer for Creation and animals

Almighty and eternal God,
Thou who hast created all,
You who have poured over all creation,
You who created all living species on earth,
You who have created all with your infinite love
You've got your hands on the hearts of men
concedes that witnessing your infinite love every creature
learn to love, respect and live with the whole creation.
Help us to understand that greed leads to cruelty and
Cruelty to death.
Assists in your goodness to all rulers, men and women of power
open your heart to your love and driven by him,
love all creation, became his guardian.
You have shown us your infinite mercy
do not let those who do not know you avasallen life of creatures
of nature created by you and given to us for care.
In your infinite love given to every creature
through Jesus Christ our Lord grant us to hear this appeal
end cruelty, tyranny, greed, suffering abuse your little one, for you the creeds that have no other voice than yours Lord our God.

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