29 mar. 2013

Friday: Virgin Mary

Our Mother, Virgin Mary from the beginning you had knowledge that a sword would nail deep in your heart, how many joys and sorrows, pains and joys went through to reach the most pain? Distance were following the work of your Divine Son, you kept in your heart every word, you put in the background and you assumed the role of a student of your own child. Do not you let the fatigue and pain will stay away from moving on. The love, Our Mother, the love given. You lived through those eyes instantly fell on you, all the passion and suffering of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. When did you come to rest on your serve your beloved and divine Son? How much pain and how much certainty. Certainty in the promise that God the Father made you when you became a mother of His Son.

Virgin Mary
Our Mother
How much of you to learn? How far we are from what surely yearn for us! Still, at that moment, when you saw that the nails dug into his flesh, through skin, muscle and bone, do not flinch much suffering, there at his side, from where they left you at first and then at the foot of the Cross it rose above the earth, there were. His eyes fell on yours and you held back his gaze. Both knew without saying anything, the deep love that bound them, God was there. God in Him, God Him, God the Father and the Holy Spirit in the midst of so much pain, consolation and the certainty of a new awakening, an incomparable joy. Joy in the midst of so much pain. Pain and joy made one between Jesus nailed to the cross and your feet to his last breath. Our Mother, Mary, you're the first and last beatitude: All of them summarized in you. All of them in your Son divine and human that we did part of our lives.
You teach us how we should follow Jesus. Separated from your heart never punished for the pain, the certainty in the merciful love of the Father.

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