30 mar. 2013

Holy Saturday: From the Grave to Glory

Since the body lying at the foot of the cross, seeing the lifeless body of Jesus was laid in the tomb, confidence and certainties of most of the disciples and those who followed him some distance vanished. They were disappointed, abandoned, lost and exposed for having followed Jesus now dead by Jewish priests and the rest of the people. It was time to have understood Jesus and his Word. Except Mary and some women including Mary Magdalene bore in his heart along with John the beloved disciple hope in the promise that Jesus made. But the pain was too much too strong. Subjected to the rigors of the persecution of the Jews and the Romans, the disciples who would have even given their lives for him, now had scattered, unable to think, unable to wait, unable to maintain hope.

Judas could not with the horror of what he had done and without knowing who had before him, he could not believe in the mercy and ended up hanging himself, while Peter though Jesus knew who he was because of his mouth had gone inspiration the Holy Spirit, could not face the fear and passion denied his Lord three times. When he heard the rooster crow, awoke. In that awakening rushed all the pain of the world. Jesus had announced that it would happen and he did not believe him. I always thought he would unconditionally and did not realize that was his unconditional human unconditional  against the divine love of Jesus. However, recognizing small, frail, sinful and even a worm for what he had done, he confided. In his heart had installed the certainty of mercy that Jesus had taught the Father. And came back to life. He took refuge in life offered him and waited. He waited with a few other disciples with hope that Jesus would rise.

Peter did not understand the meaning of the words of Jesus said many times announcing his death and resurrection, but confided.


Three days after the death of one who knew Cruz Jewish people and above all the disciples. Three days had announced Jesus. Never should have been longer in duration, those three days. Many could not stand the wait and fled, others who failed to understand what the Kingdom announced by Jesus were scattered. Few, John, Peter, women, and some more still gathered as Jesus had ordered.
But few of them remained steadfast hope.

Jesus died, died on the cross, as a wrongdoer more. Dead among the evildoers. The virgin Mary his mother stroked his face and head of Jesus. What mother does not make the loss of a child. We do not know what are the thoughts that crossed your reason, we can only be guided by their action against such pain. She as Jesus loved every drop of his life. Not understand the reasons for this cruel death, apparently meaningless death of a man who had given everything that was love. Unconditional love. Only kept alive at the time, gave hope that knowing always loved by God. I also believe that Mary, knew exactly what was exposed daily in his teachings Jesus confronted the lies of priests, doctors, owners of the Pharisees worldly power. He knew who sought his death. None of this escaped his grasp. But something very strong no doubt enabled him everything would have a new meaning. As was the significance of the word of God as Father came to announce that she would be the mother of God incarnate in her womb to reach the world. Mary then became the meeting place of the hopeless, the weary, the unbelievers to the death of one who had been followed. Mary's met and worked with words, joined on one dialogue with God, praying as Jesus had taught. They were going to the Father. This was bringing them calm that overcomes the anxiety of trouble. The remained united against despair and fear. Strengthened in each hope. Mary deep in his heart he knew they could not lose the Faith Hope was what could hold them all to the fulfillment of Jesus' promise. Many had escaped and were hiding. This brought pain to the heart of Mary as mother and disciple of God on Earth. But not judged, understood and raised his plea of ​​hope to God the Father to keep them with your love and strength, attached to the fulfillment of His Word made flesh.

Darkness had won for many who did not understand the Truth. The abuse of power that marginalized, punished, kidnapped and killed had won against light bring Jesus saying. How many believed this, many in everyday life, today, we believe this? How many stayed in the night of the death of Jesus and we charge our lack of trust in his promise? How many of us do not trust Jude and God's mercy and we hang them feeling despair that shows us the way of life they have chosen death? How many are the disciples at the pain we produce injustice, the collapse of values, persecution, fled and remain united to his promise? How many Peter us that before the recognition of our frailty and humanity are able to remain united in the certainty of God's mercy that Jesus taught his Father at all? How many of us Mary, who at the pain remained confident that gave the knowledge of the love of the Father?
Holy Saturday. How much we miss relive from our daily life, every moment of this day? How much we miss to lift our eyes and despite the pain, look to Christ crucified on the cross next to the malefactors and feel the gift that she gives us? Today, Holy Saturday is a day of reflection, meditation and raise our eyes that our hearts may have a new look. And wait confident that the Word of Christ is always with each of us, no matter how sinful we always seek Him with a heart that seeks truth and longing that Light which is Christ, the New Covenant, the new dawn Our new dawn. Do we give the possibility of finding life and not look the drawer that holds death yet it is empty?

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