17 mar. 2013

LENT 2013: Christ and the adulteress

Christ and the adulteress

Pieter Bruegel painting master

Fifth Sunday of Lent and the Word of God. Christ and the adulteress. I need to read the meditation of Father Bernardo Godbarsen, pastor of my church, Holy Apostles (Pallottina) and share it with you all.

The Word for Today
Gospel of John chapter 8, verses 1-11
"No question, sometimes in our hearts and in our area, there are some rotten smell, selfishness, arrogance, injustice, caprice, discrimination, indifference and self-responsibility.
But we can end our lives and our environment that "bad smell". To be new people have to forget the past and trust in the infinite mercy of God. It makes no sense to condemn and condemn.
Jesus did not favor forgive judge but prefers to start a new life. That is precisely the attitude toward the adulteress. Jesus offered a full pardon, integral ... because forgiveness is more productive than the sentence, is an act of salvation.
Who among us is without sin? Be merciful as our Father God is merciful and let the sun shine on good and bad.
Did you think about the sacrament of forgiveness and free you from your sins and guilt of your past? The merciful awaits you. "(Father Bernardo Gobdbarsen) March 13, 2013.

I've re-read, and my heart like the hungry to eat a piece of bread.

And within the first verse hits me a word from that perceive odors: self-criticism. And immediately when I start taking that word, that concept to my reason, I am struck: "It makes no sense to condemn and condemn." My heart is restless trying to banish my guilt and again heard echoing inside my chest that voice so familiar to my pastor Bernardo as if before me saying, "Jesus offered a full pardon, because comprehensive ... Forgiveness is more productive than the sentence, is an act of salvation. " Christ The sun comes out again for me. In different circumstances this is my first year that I did not participate in the Christmas party with my community and my priests Pallottina. And I've been in my whole being as a weight indescribable felt throughout the year, that Jesus was not born in me. Now I get the comfort of his word: "It makes no sense to condemn and condemn" ... "Jesus offered a full pardon and comprehensive ... because forgiveness is more productive than the sentence, is an act of salvation." And that sun comes out again for my sinful and for good too.

Faith always lived from guilt. And acrecenté after an experience that led me to go through more than 13 years in a "religious sect". There ended up sinking to God always raised to God merciful and Judge, to which the ancient Israelites, the punishing God, the same God as Christians many of us and with which we live.

When I got out hand of God and leave this place that even carries the name of the Virgin and even has a monastery with his name, invented a virgin too, as many of the alleged apparitions of today, only then I know the true God, the God of Jesus, the Father of Jesus and our God. By using the crucified merciful. Many priests have been part of that awakening in me, the God of mercy, the God of infinite love, the Christ who loves me beyond my sins and that always awaits me with open arms. Priests who from their different experiences of Christ led me to live it. I have taught that God's infinite love. So today, Fifth Sunday of Lent, the words of meditation that offers Godbarsen Father Bernardo (my confessor and my godfather) knock on the door of my heart like Christ awaits you open and revives in me the hope. The certainty that your love is greater than time, stronger than my smallness and my abandonment, fuller than all my sins and feel rumbling inside me: "... the Father God is misericordios and let the sun shine on good and bad.

And to go there, to your heart, and feel again inside me that the sun shone again.

Image of Jesus divided the bread
In my parish "Holy Apostles"
St. Vincent Pallotti

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