10 mar. 2013

LENT 2013: What does God want from me

It is not easy to find out what the task, the mission and how to pursue it, what God expects of each of us.

God created us in his image and likeness, we then with gifts to be multiplied.

Lent is a special time, where in the silence that we can build into the noise of the world, we can find out how and what is the task that we can bring our gifts to build the Kingdom of Love where happiness is waking up in the other the need to encounter him, with Christ within Him and through Christ to God the Father.

God gave me the gift of speech, the gift of pain for the pain of any creature, the gift of seeing and knowing beyond dogmas, tenets, institutions. It also gave me the gift of being able to appreciate all that is, the gift of separating what is permanent care and salvific action of the consequences of my actions and wrong and not put in the phrase so common to say: God has so dear. God gave me the gift of being able to put in words what is fire and ice within me. And none of this is mine. It is your gift. To Him belong.

What is mine and I can not blame God for the consequences of these attitudes bring me: the lack of control my emotions about me than the feeling of powerlessness against human cruelty and injustice. Laziness, I often leave the left and start making changes in me that I do. And that will not make me I can not add the strength of God and doing God to change me. The wear instead of believing God that I can modify or save, when is all I can call him and ask his saving intervention. He did not accept me as I love that I love, when I still distanced from the other non-acceptance of me as I am, as I have chosen to live.

Balance. Finding the balance between what is my task, I do as a disciple of Christ with his gifts and my shortcomings gifted is what Christ this Lent has taught me. No easy task. And discover how to take it forward.

In this time of wilderness forty days of Lent Christ has led me to meet the Prophet Jeremiah and the story of Judith.

In the next post I will tell you they mean in my life from now on and why come to my life right now and what comes?

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