5 mar. 2013

LENT 2013

Christ in the House of the Pharisees.

Reflection on Tuesday March 5, 2013
heading to the 4th. Sunday of Lent

When looking for a box to represent the time that the church lives today, versus having to decide which way to continue looking to the future and from an uncertain present while also representing my life right now, I found the majestic Table Tintoretto which expresses the encounter of Jesus and the Pharisees sit everyone to the table.

Jesus with his disciples at the table of the Pharisees. I feel that I and the church are in that moment. At that very place with Jesus. Us: Church and people, me and the church is present on this day at the table with Jesus.

A table of attendance sinners Jesus. In eating with sinners, and in which none other than a young, welcomes you. On reflection I think this is my time, time is also the world I live in, is the proper time of the church facing being guided by the Spirit of Christ or follow the lead of those in his image and likeness, not Christ's will at its option: Beacon of Light of Christ, or simply electric bulb quickly consumed.

Today's globalized world has lost its way. We lost track of who gives us life and guide us to the Light. However, I think of that young man recognized him as God himself and washed his feet and then anoint them with the best perfume in it I see all who are Christs walking, doing, loving, leading everyone and everywhere and comes in my again the joy, the certainty that with Christ that I can not by my sins, my mistakes, my worldly disappointments, for my weakness, my pride, my vanity, my lack of love well, He, Christ completed and attached to it that His love and mercy, the dark and grim in Me, the new will.

I filled with new opportunities and new ways. Teach me to open my eyes to learn to see, I will cure deafness to learn to listen, change my heart of stone lasts beef heart living in your love. All this is certain. This is my faith.

Today, my time in Lent, is a transit through me watching my exterior. Let me play for the love of Christ through love of human and animal creatures. Thank be alive to discover that despite my weakness and my wrong way to love, I love, and I owe it to him that makes this possible in my.

Do not wanna be a Pharisee, but at one point I sat at the table and I have not found or have not treated as the best guest. Feeling this I hear your voice inside me that says, "yet you're sitting next to me on the table." And again I feel your calling my name, my heart makes her seek Him again

So my Tuesday traffic heading to the fourth Sunday of Lent.


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