24 mar. 2013

PALM SUNDAY 2013: Entry into Jerusalem

Jesus enters Jerusalem
Giotto Painting

Gospel of Luke chapter 19, verses 28-40

Luke tells us that Jesus asks his disciples: "Go to the village ahead and, upon entering, you will find a donkey tied, no one has ever ridden,. Untie it and bring, and if anyone asks why you untying it? , answer: "The Lord needs it." envoys departed and found everything as he had told them. When triggered the ass, its owners said to them: "Why are you untying it? And they said, "The Lord needs it."

It is true that many times this particular Gospel passage has resonated within me. Never before, however, I had done something to stop it. In this episode especially. Jesus sends his disciples and asked them to bring a donkey that is in front of the village and has not yet been mounted. And if anyone asks why you untying it? answer: "The Lord needs it?".

Hits on my heart several reflections that become certainty as I translated what my heart feels and reflects my reason here, writing. Jesus sends. This is the first thing that touched my heart, it's like the Holy Spirit today, would have made me stop in these words. Jesus sends his disciples. And tells them what they must do, what is the answer to be given and explains nothing more than "The Lord needs it."

Do you call God by his word saying, trust me, in that order?
Do you express in that action, what to do, happen that the action of that to which it is removed, delivery is without question?

And something else: Jesus says: "Go to the people in front and bring a donkey who stands and who has not been mounted." Something strong within me tells me as bells ring loud: pay attention "to the people in front .." Tell me, says, "where you are salt? Move? In a move that calls for" trust " . In the words of the people will bring front and you will find a donkey tied there. Did we already said at the beginning of his journey to Jerusalem, that's up next to him to make a move what gets us out of where we found that result in two movements: one physical (go out than usual, our home, our place) and another, spiritual (being guided by the Holy Spirit) with confidence in his word that he will be as says what we find?

He continues: "A donkey is tethered, but has not yet been mounted? Expression of the words of Jesus who shows us the Evangelist are rare. A donkey that has not been mounted but is tied. Who can have not tamed donkey, not being left mounted tie? For me, personally, these words of Jesus are striking. I suggest that many of us are tied and yet in those bonds are still savages "we have not been assembled. "Bound and wild.? Tied to our self-restraints imposed by society and we accept no more? Wild versus let us not" tamed "by the love and mercy of God"? More yet: the donkey that has been tied and has not been tamed, it will mount without hesitation by the Lord.

Do we call God, to leave us in our wild ride innocence that is still in us to be carrying the Lord? Without thinking, getting carried away, as did the owner of the donkey to your order?

I am amazed at the proposal made by the Lord. Jesus and appointing himself to the divine attribute, the actual membership of its unquestionable. And he appointed Fr. The Lord needs it. Do we need God, that we may carry where Jesus is recognized as the Lord? What we "wild creatures within us"? Only one request of you: Bring. That lead us to Him Who? And I feel that none other than the Holy Spirit himself acting in the other: his disciples, his ministers and his word by making their experience. To be "mounted" by him ridden.

Server and served. What mastery of the Holy Spirit put in mouth and pen of Luke this make Jesus, the Lord's words. We need to give him glory, allowing our wild be assembled by one who has come to be served, and yet finally become server. Reminds me of the words of St. Paul: I do not live in me, but Christ lives in me.

Today, Palm Sunday, the entire Gospel passage, my heart tightens within himself these first words of Jesus to his disciples. I have need to chew, to eat, to make them my own, that the Spirit of Christ in my flesh makes them.

Availability, Trust, Service.
They are the three words that sound like the wind bells that announce the coming Resurrection Easter Sunday at the end of the Lord, are recorded and want to remain resonating.

Availability, Trust, Service.

Now everyone must find out what are the words that echo in your heart today, prior to the entry into Jerusalem.

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