10 mar. 2013

The Prophet Jeremiah and my rebellion.

San Jeremiah Prophet
Michelangelo Painting

Wondering about how he had to act against the events of the world, the face of pain and cruelty to humans, animals and nature living human beings who have ceased to be their ability to be, its essence, the human becomes makes them sensitive to their surroundings, I asked God and my feelings are correct course of action for you: my pain, my anger, my anger, my helplessness, my frustration and even the wish that beings and disappear.

And walking the desert of Lent, my need became crucial. How have those feelings and not be able to overcome in transforming love and forgiveness?

What if my dedication to service was fulfilling it through the tools and how they were chosen: Internet, Twitter, where I not only expressed, but he could act?

I decided to engage in a dialogue with God and His Holy Spirit opened my Bible and my eyes fell on the Prologue of the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah and then in the Book of Judith also in his prologue. Obviously it was no accident. It opened in one of the verses of both books, but, in the prologue of both within and below as my bible literally write Catholic Latin version.

Book of Jeremiah (Prologue)
"Hard to tell without oppose Isaiah Jeremiah. Perhaps it is a mistake to focus all the difference in reactions both at the call of God, that is, the enthusiasm of Isaiah (Is.6, 8) from fear of Jeremiah ( Jer 1:6). It may be only a difference of temperament. "

Already at this point my identification was complete with Jeremiah, I yesterday, these days, the last few months, now felt no enthusiasm and a deep fear itself. Maybe my temper leads me to that feeling.

Continue and read: "Isaiah's prophecy, while the prophet Jeremiah. Both sides of prophecy are complementary and equally necessary to reorient the story. Isaiah represents the message you will have to resort to reaffirm faith always. Jeremiah is the ever-present example of the suffering of a human being whose life God has burst.

There is thus a sentimental view of a young Jeremiah, peaceful and defenseless who suffers in silence the wickedness of their persecutors. There are glimpses of the prophet violence (J 11, 20-23).

In her first ad says that God has given authority to pluck up, building and planting, adding that the mission entrusted covered not only his small country, but to "the nations".

It might surprise the magnitude of such a task assigned to a man without a title, but it is here where the finger of God. With the downfall of the kingdom of Judah, the Exile followed, until the times of the Gospel, God will reveal his way to save the world, his strength is made perfect in weakness, and the victory of Love This is always a accepted suffering. "(end up where my eyes fell on the Prologue of the Prophet Jeremiah)

At the end of my soul found peace that only the Word and Love of God can provide.

I got my answer. You draw your own conclusions.

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